Name: Pierre Besson
Date of birth: 01.02.1978
Location: Brüder-Grimm-Straße 18a
  34246 Vellmar
School career: 1984-1985 Elementary School on Heideweg in Kassel
  1985-1988 Elementary School Frommershausen in Vellmar
  1988-1997 Albert-Scheitzer-Schule in Kassel
  1997 High School in Mathematics and Physics
Education: 1997-2000 dual studies for - diploma engineer [BA] Information technology - specializing in network and media technology
  German Centre for Aerospace e.V.
  Institute of Fluid Mechanics
  Bunsenstrasse 10
  37073 Göttingen
Study: Cooperative Education in Mannheim
  State Academy
  Coblitzweg 7
  68163 Mannheim
 Employers: 2000-2002 German Parcel
  Parcel Logistics GmbH & Co. OHG
  German-Parcel Straße 1-7
  36286 Neuenstein
  2002-2012 Kasseler Entwässerungsbetrieb
  own operational of the city of Kassel
  Gartenstraße 90
  34125 Kassel
Hobby: 1983-1987 Judo in the KSV Hessen Kassel
  1985-1991 basketball in Tuspo Niedervellmar
  1991-1995 Young Firefighters in Vellmar
  seit 1995 member of fire department Vellmar
  1996-2002 required in civil protection
  1999-2013 Youth Officer of young firefighters in Vellmar
  seit 2013 district youth officer of young firefighters in circular part kassel country